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what to pack for 2 weeks in Europe with a toddler

We just wrapped up a two-week family vacay to Europe – hooray! Traveling with a toddler complicates our packing situation, though; it’s harder to toss everything in a suitcase an hour before leaving for the airport, like we used to. Luckily I think we’ve distilled it down to a science.

Below is our packing list for two weeks in Europe with a toddler.



Comfy kid = happy parent, right? I don’t care if our flight is at 10 AM or at midnight, our kid will be dressed in his warmest, most cozy pajamas. I add socks, shoes, and pacifier (paci straps are essential!) and he is good to go. We carry him through the airport in our Lillebaby Airflow carrier and typically leave the stroller at home.

  • Warm pajamas
  • Socks and shoes
  • Pacifier on paci strap (I bought ours from Etsy)
  • Baby carrier



Organization on-flight is of the utmost importance. I love bringing a backpack for myself and the baby – the pockets allow for easy organization, the straps are comfortable to carry for long lengths of time, and it fits easily under the seat in front of me. I pack the bag with three categories of essentials: diaper supplies, food and sleep needs, and entertainment.

Diaper supplies (packed in a small bag for toting to the lavatory):


Food & sleep needs:

  • Muslin blanket
  • Small stuffed animal
  • Lightweight board book (our go-to is Goodnight Moon)
  • 2 extra pacifiers (DO NOT FORGET THE EXTRA PACIS)
  • Straw cup for water
  • Sippy cup for milk
  • Small snacks, packed in a pill case for extra toddler fun 😉





I pack all non-essentials in packing cubes in our main suitcase or duffel to stay organized. I divide baby stuff into three packing cubes: the first for onesies/shirts/sweatshirts, the second for bottoms, and the third for socks and pajamas. Baby toiletries get mixed in with our own, since we’re all going to the same place 😉


What are your essentials for traveling with a toddler? Best-kept secrets for entertaining toddlers on long flights?

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