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If your New Year’s resolution starts with “Zero Waste” or if you’re just trying to buy in bulk more, I have a slick little tool for you: the Zero Waste Home Bulk app. This is the perfect way to quickly pull up bulk shopping locations. (Side note: as far I know, there isn’t a mobile phone app, just an interactive website.)

Type in your address or zip code, and the tool will show a map and list of bulk shopping locations near you. There’s an option to filter for specifically categories, too – baking; beer and wine; pet; spices, tea, and coffee; etc.

zero waste bulk shopping locations finder


For example, to find where I can refill our beer growlers, I filtered for “Beer & Wine” and found 4 search results. Two Whole Foods locations, Jugs Draft, and Premium Draught are all within 3 miles of our house.

The tool is an offshoot of Zero Waste Home, a website created by zero waste pioneer (and GODDESS) Bea Johnson. I’ve been a fangirl since the New York Times profiled her in 2010, and I found much inspiration and practical advice in her eponymous book. I love her idea of creating a tool with bulk shopping locations that’s simple and easy to use, and I’ll contribute more Houston-area shops as we discover them. One of my 2017 blog goals is to review and rank Houston’s bulk shopping areas (Central Market, H-E-B, Whole Foods, etc.). Stay tuned for more!


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