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zero waste stocking stuffers

The American living room often becomes buried under a mountain of crumpled-paper on Christmas morning. So much wrapping paper and tissue paper, packaging and and shrink wrap, ends up in garbage cans and recycling bins on December 25th of each year. And really, who needs more batteries or socks? Here’s our guide to zero waste stocking stuffers to help you cut back your carbon footprint during the holidays this year.


 1. Seed bombs – the perfect gift for the lazy gardener wanna-be, and sans packaging to boot. Etsy has endless choices – I love these pretty little seed bombs to attract butterflies. They’re easy to make at home too; Gardenista’s tutorial is easy as pie.

via Etsy

2. Fresh {exotic} fruit – when was the last time you tasted a fresh sliver of starfruit? Or devoured a scoop of pomegranate seeds? I’ll be stuffing our stockings this year with fresh persimmons and dragon fruits.

via Julie Blanner


3. Movie tickets – The best thing about December – other than Christmas, of course – is the sudden deluge of films clamoring for Oscar nominations. A free movie date is a gift few I know would turn down.


 4. LUSH products – Have you joined the LUSH bandwagon yet? They’re eco-friendly (most products have zero or minimal packaging) and the perfect way to pamper. Aside from LUSH stores, I’ve spotted displays with their popular bath bombs at many department stores.

image via Rachel Rawr // LUSH website


5. Safety razor – Say no more to the discarded disposable razor heads and hello to your shiny new friend. It takes some adjusting to the sharp edge, but you’ll soon find yourself wondering why you’ve been loyal to Gilette for all these years.


6. Reusable water bottle – searching for ideas for the family member who still tosses a case of Ozarka bottles each week? Better late than never to gift them a reusable bottle. Choose one from our previous guide to glass water bottles.


7. The gift of reading – have some unwanted books lying around? Head to Half-Price Books or another local second-hand store and trade them in for a gift card.


8. DIY gourmet trail mix – Is anyone *really* that stoked to unwrap a Hershey’s bar? Grab a mason jar or upcycled bottle and head to the bulk section of your grocery store to make your own gourmet treat. Obviously the possibilities are endless here, but if you need some inspiration, consider a savory mix (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and almonds sprinkled with garlic and onion powder, sea salt, and cayenne) or a sweet + spicy combo (toasted pecans, cacao nibs, candied ginger, dried cranberries).  Greatist has tons of other mouth-watering recipes.

via Be Well With Arielle


 9. Charitable donation – Thinking of giving to a meaningful cause? Print the confirmation page and fold it into origami for a quick and easy stocking stuffer. Follow these instructions to fold a sweet little origami heart.



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    December 29, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    A movie date is a great stocking stuffer idea! That’s what everyone used to get my parents.

    • Reply
      January 3, 2017 at 1:43 pm

      Exactly, so much fun! I L-O-V-E going to the movies but it is pretty expensive, especially when you tack in the cost of dinner and drinks beforehand.

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