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2017 resolution

Did you know that if you click on the “Orders” link at the top of your Amazon homepage, you can see the total number of Amazon orders you placed in 2016?

That was an eye-opening experience for this Prime addict. I placed 73 orders in 2016 – that’s one every 5 days.



I crunched a few numbers (engineerlife) and categorized the items I purchased from Amazon. There’s a clear trend here: I mostly purchase baby gear off Amazon (stereotypical American working mom with a newborn), with cosmetics and books trailing close behind. I also assembled our family Halloween costume exclusively from Amazon purchases, hence the oddball “Halloween” category.



My conclusion? 2017 will be the year of Buy Local. That phrase is thrown around all the time, and I do make an effort to frequent mom & pop shops when it’s convenient – but in 2017, I’m going all in.

To help stay on track, I created a schedule for each category I’ll focus on monthly. I plan to blog about our efforts, too, to share our favorite Houston shops and resources.

January – journalism

February – baby gear

March – apparel & accessories

April – food & produce

May – cooking tools

June – books

July – artwork & prints

August – coffee

September – cosmetics

October – Halloween costumes

November – buy nothing!*

December – gifts

So there it is. My 2017 new year’s resolution is to cut my Amazon purchases in half (goal: 36 orders or less). Strategy: buy local more, and overall buy less.

In an ideal world, with more free time, I’d like to track our total purchases in every category, from Amazon to Target to everywhere else. But this should get us on track. Baby steps.

*To support “Buy Nothing Day,” i.e. the day after Thanksgiving, my goal is to “buy nothing” the month of November except food and household essentials. Hopefully 10 months of buy-local focus will help us curb our consumerism and this will be achievable; only time will tell!

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