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happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

I hope you and your special someone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday, my hubby and I celebrated in our usual way – a relaxed day spent together, culminating in a special dinner out. (Really, don’t all holidays ultimately revolve around food?)

Yesterday morning, after filling up on homemade red velvet pancakes (YUM), we decided to walk off the pancakes and avoid the inevitable food coma by heading over to the Green Valentine Market in the Heights.

10933830_10152477616706371_1435672501037759051_nGreen Valentine is all about being sustainable and supporting local artists and makers during what can be seen as an irrelevant and wasteful holiday. (Side note – I love this concept. I’ve heard of anti-Black Friday campaigns, but this is the first Green Valentine’s effort I’ve seen. Yay for Houston for blazing a new trail.)

I was surprised – there was a pretty good turnout of local vendors.

IMG_8568There were local beekeepers (Mindful Honey) with a sign-up for private bee-keeping classes. D and I were pretty intrigued… Beekeeping may be in our future?!?

Bees There was yummy organic almond and coconut milks from Chaste Foods.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 10.20.56 AM

Fresh veggies, seeds, saplings, and seed bombs from Sown and Grown.



Since it was a gorgeous day out, we wandered around the Heights for awhile, smelling the new spring roses (still a novelty for me, as someone raised in a cold climate – roses in February!?) and picking out our dream Victorian houses. Sigh.


Later in the day, we dressed up (just a bit… do black jeans and a lace top count as dressing up?) and made our way to Springbok, a new South African gastropub downtown. I loved every moment of it – the atmosphere, food, and cocktails were all spectacular. We were going for a low-key Valentine’s night to avoid the crowds at all of the usual steakhouses and seafood restaurants, and this one fit the bill. It was still pretty crowded, and I’m glad we made a reservation.


Image via Springbok

Afterwards, we had a drink with some friends at Pastry War and then saw a late-night movie at Sundance. Like I said, nothing like a low-key, relaxed Valentine’s Day with my love! xoxo



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